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    The World Recognized Powerful Dual Vacuum Suction System!
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    Main Features
    Polyurethane gel would prevent any air flows completely.
    Fastening the cap creates a strong vacuum seal.
    Strong adhesion to the uneven surface for the first time.
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    Spiderloc System
    Dual Vacuum Suction System
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    Spiderloc is

A company specialized in Dual Vacuum Suction Products - Good Sense!

Good Sense Co., Ltd., established in 2004 as a company specialized in household items, is the company specialized in manufacturing and distributing the Dual Vacuum Suction cup products, and it has developed the household accessories of bathroom, kitchen and interior decoration to export to the global markets such as Europe, U.S.A., Japan and so forth as well as supplying to the domestic markets including E-mart, Home Plus and Lotte Mart.

Patented domestic technology of Suction Cup brand recognized by the world - Spiderloc!

The company has the adsorption specialty brand of [Spiderloc] registered as PCT, and it is a global small hidden champion company possessing the intellectual properties including 15 patents, 2 utility models, 11 designs and 9 trademarks.
[Spiderloc] exists at the heart of the global suction cup market.

A faithful company that constantly studies the consumers' needs

The function and design of the products of Good Sense Co., Ltd. start from consumers' complaints. We want to be a faithful company that aims zero discontent through the constant study of consumers' needs, and makes every effort to supply differentiated quality products to consumers.
We will do our best to launch better products and the ones that people really want to use through the development of new adsorption apparatus and the accumulation of technical assets such as patent rights and design rights for practical uses.

  • 03Entered in Maket “HANSSEM”
  • 02Participated the 2018 Ambiante the Show
  • 03Entered in USA Maket
  • 02Participated the 2017 Ambiante the Show
  • 11Entered in Thailand Market
  • 05Entered in Israel and Canada Market
  • 02Participating the 2016 Ambiante the Show
  • 04Participated Hong Kong, Guangzhou(05) and Milano exhibitions(10).
  • 03Registered Patents for Clamps in China.
    Developed and launched the Prime and frame products.
  • 04Participated Hong Kong Houseware Fair.
  • 01Developed and launched the Compact products.
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Patents of Adsorption Apparatus
  • 2011.01Adhesive polyurethane composition for vacuum suction system
  • 2011.08The manufacturing method of adsorption plate for vacuum adsorption apparatus in which adhesive layer is applied and the jig for applying adhesive layer
  • 2012.12Clamp for Rod Shelf Products
  • 2015.06Vacuum suction system with wire supporting function
  • 2015.08Rail type suction system apparatus
PCT of Adsorption Apparatus
  • 2008.12Patents in Switzerland, Germany, France and U.K.
  • 2009.05Patent in China
  • 2009.06Patent in Japan
  • 2012.02Patent in U.S.A.
Trademark Registration of Spiderloc
  • 2013.09KOREA
  • 2014.04EU
  • 2014.11U.S.A.
  • 2015.03CHINA
Awards / Certification
  • 2010.09Certification of Excellent Small & Medium Company in Goyang city
  • 2013.05Certification of IP Star Company
  • 2013.11Certification of Clean Workplace
  • 2015.10Certification of Promising Small & Medium Company in Gyeonggi-do
  • 2016.06Certification of ISO9001
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Spiderloc is

Spiderloc comprises innovation and practicality and is made out of durable material Polyurethane acting as a secondary seal providing secure attachment.

Dual vacuum suction system, the world's first development, can be attached even to a curved surface up to 1mm.
It is easy to remove & reapply and easy to install on a variety of non-porous surfaces. No drilling or tools required. Spiderloc is ideal for all necessities.

Main Features

1. Polyurethane gel would prevent any air flows completely.

2. Fastening the cap creates a strong vacuum seal.

3. Strong adhesion to the uneven surface for the first time.

4. After washing, it can be reusable and re-installed

Spiderloc System

- Patent Registration: Korea, USA, China, Japan, Germany and France

- Registration of the Trademark: Korea, USA and China


The most frequently asked questions.

I put a Spiderloc on the side of the tile and it just fell off.

A: The target surface must be clean.

Spiderloc is a product of double vacuum suction system which shows strong attraction force on the adhered surface where vacuum state such as tile or glass is maintained. If the Spiderloc used for the tile portion can not exert its attraction force, it is difficult to identify it by the naked eye, but most of the tile surface has fine cracks or holes on the tile surface and is not adsorbed. In this case, you can use a little moving part.

Even though it is a good tile, it fell off as time has passed.

A: I think there is an invisible tiny holes.

Tiles doesn’t always maintain vacuum condition. If the target surface doesn’t contain the vacuum condition, such as marble, the suction power of the Spiderloc would possibly be weakened.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the vacuum condition of the target surface before using.

May I use it between tiles and tiles?

A: We would not recommend it.

The joint between the tile and the tile is made of white cement, unlike a tile that maintains a vacuum.

This part is not kept vacuum. Avoid the use of joints as much as possible. If you need to use them, please use a coating agent.

Is it not possible to use it at all in the air passage area?

A: The spiderloc can only be used in areas where vacuum is maintained.

If the vacuum cannot be maintained, you need to be use after switching to a vacuum state by using a coating agent on the target surface.

Is it impossible to use it over wallpaper

A: It is better not to use it on the wallpaper surface.

Even if you use a coating on the wallpaper surface, the wallpaper itself often detaches from the wall.

Please keep in mind.

May I install a Spiderloc on a surface or wood that has been treated with water paint.

A: You better to avoid it.

If the surface has been treated with water-based paint, or if it is a surface of wood or cement, it can not be used because it is permeable to air. However, it can be used when the surface of the substrate is processed by a material that performs coating functions such as varnish or oil paint (when it is converted to a vacuum state).

There is dirty dust on the urethane-gel part. What should I do

A: You can wipe it with soapy water.

First, remove the suction plate, wipe it clean with soapy water, dry it and then re-use it. A soft sponge will make it easier to clean.

Can I use it on the wet part?

A: The moisture has to be removed to exert strong adsorption power.

If the Spiderloc is vacuumed successfully, it will not penetrate moisture or soapy water, so it has a strong attraction force. So it can be used in a bathroom or kitchen that is very humid.

However, when install the Spiderloc for the first time, it is necessary to completely remove the moisture to increase the suction power.

If there is moisture on the target surface before installing the Spiderloc, use a dry towel to remove moisture before.

Is Spiderloc not reusable?

A: Yes. But be careful when disassembling.

This is because the Spiderloc exhibit strong adsorption power because it uses double vacuum suction system (adsorption rubber plate and urethane-gel part). In order to maintain a strong adsorption force, both the adsorption plate and the urethane-gel should be in good condition. If the product is deformed, the adsorption power of the Spiderloc may be significantly reduced.

Therefore, when disassembling the product for reuse, be careful to keep the original shape of the urethane-gel part.

It sticks well but falls. What should I do?

A: It seems there is a foreign substance or tiny space on the target surface.

The biggest advantage of the Spiderloc is that the polyurethane-gel attached to the edge of the adsorption rubber plate maintains a vacuum state up to the flat or curved surface, thus exhibiting a strong attraction force.

The advantage of the polyurethane is that it blocks the air well because of the stickiness of the polymer itself. When it is used carelessly, it sticks to the dust or pollutant due to sticky performance, which prevents air from being blocked. Especially long dirt like yarn is the biggest cause of falling off of the plate.

Feel free to contact us, we will advise you and we will find together the right choice for you!

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